Planting some ivy, or already an avid gardener? A trellis, often crafted from wood, wire, or wrought iron, is a great way to train plants to grow in a certain direction, add some personality to your outdoor space, and more. It can be used as an accent piece or work as a privacy screen, and better yet, is an inexpensive project that anyone can do themselves.

Check out these 15 garden trellis ideas below.


Livestock panel trellis

This DIYed trellis made from cattle panels is a straightforward way to get more room in your garden. Encourage vegetables to grow vertically with this cost-effective metal trellis.


Use PVC Pipe

PVC pipe outdoor trellis

Did you know you could build a trellis out of PVC pipe? This domed trellis allows plenty of room for plants to grow and makes quite the statement.


Close Off a Yard With Ivy

Climbing ivy trellis

This refined outdoor seating space is sheltered with 100-inch tall privacy screens, ficuses, and ivy. Designer Emily Bowser dreamed up a beautiful backyard retreat, one which you could recreate at home.


Frame Your Plants

Bamboo garden trellis

Bamboo is another great material to use when it comes to DIYing a trellis. Here, bamboo and twine support growing tomato plants.

Add an Arch

Arched garden trellis

Go the extra mile when building a trellis. Mesh supports climbing plants and leads to a unique shape along the way. This trellis is awash in vibrant blooms.


Make It Your Own

Chevron trellis

This chevron wooden trellis was built with pressured-treated board and drywall strips and is an updated version on a classic garden lattice.

Small-Space Trellis Ideas

small table deck railing design

Especially in small yards, a sense of separation from the neighbors can be difficult to achieve. To help create a more intimate backyard atmosphere, close off your outdoor space with a trellis fence. Choose lattice panels with a tighter pattern and add climbing perennial vines for even more privacy.


Deck Trellis Design

patio furniture and green cushions on deck beneath arbor

Besides offering privacy, a trellis can help create a more clearly defined outdoor space. Surround your deck or patio with a trellis to separate it from the rest of your home’s exterior and make it feel like its own little world. This creates a more cohesive deck design and provides a visually appealing backdrop for a seating or dining area.


Modern-Style Trellis

two light-blue cushioned chairs in front of upper railing wood design on deck

Unexpected lattice patterns can put a contemporary spin on a classic trellis design. Here, a wood trellis with an abstract design tops a deck railing for an added decorative element in this calming outdoor space. If a simple trellis doesn’t offer enough privacy for you, consider also planting a hedge alongside your deck for a more secluded feeling.

Gated Arbor and Trellis

gated arbor white trellis garden

Employ a trellis fence to create a private entrance to your garden or backyard. This white gate and arbor duo is set to the side of the home, allowing guests to bypass the front entry and head straight to the backyard. The structure provides virtually the same privacy and security as a fence but is far more charming, lending a country appeal.


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