Vertical gardening takes gardens to new heights and does it in style. You’ll save space with these vertical gardens and most of them are cheaper to put together than a traditional garden. It will also give you some extra flexibility if you want to change out a plant or flower since they’re so easy to access and replant.

Get inspired by these unique DIY vertical garden ideas for your balcony and other small spaces.


Vertical Garden

An outside vertical garden

This DIY vertical garden is much easier to put together than it looks. Instead of building it, you’ll be using just one supply from the hardware store for the body of the garden. Silver pails are then hooked onto the railings, just waiting to be filled with plants.


Easy Indoor Herb Wall Garden

An herb garden on a kitchen wall

Not all vertical gardens need to be outside. This one is kept indoors and is meant to grow herbs. A small space in the kitchen would be enough room to fit a few wall planters that can be filled with soil and plants.


Vertical Garden with Drip Watering System

A wooden vertical garden

If you want to get serious about your vertical gardening, you’re going to want to check out this project. In just an hour, with a little help from some power tools, you’ll have the body of the garden built. A drip watering system is then added for irrigation so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to water.


Easy Vertical Garden

A vertical garden hanging on a fence

A felt pocket planter is used here to make this garden set-up quick and easy. The planter is mounted with screws and then the pockets are filled with plants. Water it once every two days and you have an easy-to-care-for vertical garden.

Upcycled Vertical Planters

vertical garden ideas recycled planters

Believe it or not, you can easily reuse trash bins as planters to dress up a wall or fence. All it takes is rope or twine. If you want to amp up the look, paint them in a bold hue.

DIY Vertical Plant Stand

vertical garden ideas diy plant wall

Since this stand is outdoors, the blogger used cedar wood for the build. Wall planter hooks are used to keep white painted pots in place.

Potted Hanging Planters

vertical garden ideas patterned hanging planters

One of the easiest vertical gardens to recreate is one where hanging planters are used. Go for patterned ceramic holders and be sure to tie them securely with rope.

DIY Wooden Box Wall Planter

vertical garden ideas wooden box shelf

Amateur crafters can make their own planter using small wood pieces. Create the base to rest the plant in, then hammer your creation to the fence or wall.

Hanging Globe Planters

vertical garden ideas globe planters

Perfect for displaying live and artificial plants in your space, this hanging planter has a minimalist yet elegant design. Showcase an array in one section of the room or hang them from your porch ceiling.

Ladder Planter Vertical Garden

A ladder-style vertical garden

This vertical garden is built to look like a ladder. Sitting on each “rung” is a wooden planter box. Use the free plans to build this 5-shelf-high garden, there’s even a video to help you with the build.


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