Have you ever sat on the couch with your dog and noticed them quietly sneaking away to another room? Don’t worry, your dog isn’t tired of you! They just need their own personal space, too.

Depending on your budget, a dog room can be as minimal as a pull-out feeding station in the corner of a mudroom or as elaborate as a dedicated room with a canine-friendly shower that rivals the local doggy spa.

Check out these cute, functional dog rooms that will keep you and your best friend looking and feeling good.


Blend It in

dog room ideas

Dina Bandman Interiors added a compact dog shower in the very center of this spacious laundry room. It’s lined in a navy blue subway tile with white grout that perfectly blends into the blue-and-white decor scheme.


Hide the Dog Bowl

dog room ideas

Crisp Architects added a pull-out feeding station under the bench in this all-white mudroom. It contains a hidden dog bowl and food storage to keep the elegant space looking tidy in between meals.


Create a Portal Window

secret dog room

This modern dog room from a Calgary-based Canadian firm Studio North opens the light-flooded open-plan living room via a round cut-out that also gives the house dog a perch to take in the action.

On the other side of the canine portal is a bedroom with a dog house fitted into a lower cabinet of a wardrobe behind a door.

Create a Multipurpose Room

laundry room dog room ideas

This multi-purpose space from interior designer Stefani Stein combines a laundry room and mudroom which is equipped with an integrated food and water station for Cooper, the family Labradoodle. Cooper’s water station blends in seamlessly due to the matching tiles on the wall and food bowls.

Storage Closet

storage closet with dog decorations

Whether you have a spare closet or want to better utilize the space you already have, a closet can be a great established space for your dog room. While construction is not necessary, we do recommend either taking the door off the hinges or using a trustworthy doorstop to assure your pup can go in and out as needed.

Under the Staircase

dog sitting on bed under stairs

The stairwell is a hidden secret for expanding your space. However, unlike the closet, the stairwell will require a bit of handy work. Building your dog room under the stairs is not only an optimal space-saving option, but an intimate nook that also offers a whole new level of coziness. Just add your dog’s favorite comfy bed and you’ve made the ultimate pup cave!

Entire Room

french bulldog sitting on floor

Whether you are welcoming home a new puppy or upgrading your dog’s current space, there are lots of benefits to a full-size dog room. A dedicated “puppy nursery” creates an inviting space for your new furry friend from the start, which can help them acclimate during this transition. If you are touching up an older dog’s room, this is the ultimate way to spoil them!

Double the Space

dog room ideas

A seamless wall of white Shaker cabinetry with silver hardware includes twin sleeping cubbies for a pair of puppies in this dog room from Mel Bean Interiors. Doggie blankets add extra comfort and texture.


Add Leash Hooks

mud room dog shower

This spacious mud room for humans and canines alike from Crisp Architects has bench seating and a row of hooks to hang coats and dog leashes. This makes getting out the door to walk your dogs a one-stop shop.


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