All kitchens share one universal feature: they all have a designated space for spices. But a neatly-organized spice collection not only makes your kitchen look good, but it also ensures you don’t buy yet another jar of dried basil just because you couldn’t find the other two you had.  Keep reading to see our favorite spice organization ideas.

Use the Back of the Door

spice organization ideas back of the door

It’s easy to forget about potential storage space on the back of a door, as it’s hidden most of the time. But the back of a door, whether it’s a pantry or a kitchen one, is a great spot to store spices. Try what A Fresh Space did here, with a series of racks installed up and down the door.


Use Your Cabinets

spice organization ideas cabinets

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a dedicated pantry space—and that’s okay. Kitchen storage nearly always involves creative solutions, and spice storage is no exception. You may need to use a cabinet or two for pantry storage—if that’s the case, use a tiered shelf to store your spices in a cabinet.

Arrange With Risers

spices in labeled jars

It doesn’t get much more organized (or aesthetically pleasing) than alphabetized spices on risers. The bigger labels mean you can see what you have, even for spices in the way back— it also helps that these are arranged in a “window view” which means no spice is blocking another.


Use Clean Labels

spices in drawer

This organized spice drawer offers an excuse to break out the label maker. One of the upsides of using pull-out drawers for spices is that you can see everything you have just by doing a quick glance. Labels keep it organized and clean, and the wide lids assure even larger spices, like star anise or cinnamon sticks, are easy to get in and out of the jar.


Label the Tops

spices stacked in cabinet

Stacking square spice bottles in a cabinet and labeling their tops is such a clever and efficient way to store your spices. It will always assure you on what you have so you don’t wind up with three jars of cinnamon. These are store-bought plastic jars which the creator added custom labels to the lids.

Organize Them at an Angle

spice organization ideas angle

If you choose to go the store-in-drawers method, you’ll need to make sure you can easily get your spices out (you don’t want to move three other spices out of the way to find the one you’re looking for). To help with this, use an organizer that holds jars at an angle, ensuring easy access.

Don’t Forget Drawers

spice organization ideas drawers

Kitchen drawers are quickly becoming the new favorite spot for spice storage. Gone are the cramped, narrow drawers of kitchens from decades past—today’s kitchens feature deep and wide drawers that can fit a number of things, including spices. Just make sure your jars are the right size to fit within them.


Add a Narrow Pantry

spice organization ideas tall cabinet

For the amateur home chef, a well-rounded selection of spices is a necessity. But keeping that many spices can prove to be a challenge, to say the least. That’s why we like what Neat Method NYC did with the kitchen above—utilizing pantry cabinetry to display rows and rows of spices, rather than shoving them in a bursting-at-the-seams pantry.

Use Multiple Lazy Susans

spices on lazy susan

You won’t spend a bunch of time searching for that random spice your recipe calls for when you arrange your spices and cooking oils on rotating racks or lazy susans. Splitting them up by type is also a good idea, as most turning racks aren’t large enough for all your spices.


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