Whether you’re working from home, studying for school, or just love the idea of a productive and comfortable work space, a study room is a valuable addition to your home. Read on for +12 study room ideas to inspire focus and productivity.

Contemporary Study Room

Sunny home office

Generous windows flood this study space with warm, natural light and creativity-inspiring outdoor views. Try this arrangement in a room that gets light during the time of day that you feel most productive and energized to work.


Study Room with Open Storage

A two toned entryway with a desk and shelving tucked against one wall

A built-in desktop with open storage above anchors this out-of-the-way study room, while arm chairs and a drop-leaf table tuck against the opposite wall until needed. A simple two-color wall treatment of crisp white and blue-gray amps up the energy and style of the otherwise interim space.


Moody Study Room

Home office

Lean into the dark academia decorating style for a study room that visually harmonizes with the room’s purpose. Moody yet relaxed, it lacks a desk or large table top but varied seating types in this moody study room let you choose how to get comfortable. A window, ceiling light, and wall-mount lamp help keep things in focus regardless of time of day or location.

Pink Home Office

Living room art grid

An elegant burl wood desk stands ready along the wall, but the highlight of this refined study room is a sofa and ottoman, perfect for stretching out and comfortably repositioning so you can stay focused. A monochromatic color scheme in a dusty rose has a comforting effect, too.

Fashion and Function

study room ideas

When Bria Hammel, CEO and Creative Director of Bria Hammel Interiors, was designing this home office for a lawyer, she prioritized creating a space that felt both productive and comfortable.

“By displaying law school books in the built-ins, opting for a moodier navy paint color, and layering in softer details like the custom bench cushion, pillows, and plush rug, this room is not only functional, but also reflects my client’s style,” Hammel says.


Create an Attractive Backdrop

study room ideas

We’re all-too-familiar with Zoom meetings, and all-too-familiar with blah Zoom backgrounds, too. Avoid boring your meeting mates by purposefully considering what’s behind your desk chair. That’s what Lina Galvão, Principal Designer at Curated Nest, did here.

Wallpaper the Ceiling

study room ideas

A surefire recipe for this studious workspace: beautiful blue paint paired with open shelving for display-worthy pieces and cabinets for less aesthetically pleasing items. The cherry on top is a glamorous wallpaper, which, when used on a ceiling, provides an intimate feel. Together, the ingredients make for a study space worthy of a headmaster’s office.

Small Study Room Idea

Home office with foldable desk

A fold-down desk is a smart solution when space is at a premium: It’s available when you need it, but unlike a traditional desk, you can tuck away any clutter when not in use. When closed, the rattan caning on this fold-down desk will act as subtle wall decor complementing the natural colors and textures in the rest of the room.


Color-Drenched Study Room

Jewel toned home office

A vibrant jewel-toned blue invigorates this traditionally styled room, while neutral furniture pieces establish three different zones. The distinct areas can offer separate hubs for multiple on-going activities, or simply let you choose the best setup for your mood and study needs. The arrangement also easily accommodates group work.


Bedroom Study Space

home office with pink walls white desk and black chair

In this crisp black, white and pastel pink palette, soft fabrics layer in for a space that’s almost enticing you to come study. Framed art and an upholstered bulletin board not only offer something to look at when you need a visual break, but also they can act as a motivational boost. It’s a combination that fits just as well in a home office as an available wall in a bedroom.

Closet Study Room Idea

sage green office area with library book shelves around door opening

Being able to shut a door on distractions can be important. Converting a closet with a desk, shelf, and lighting, fits a study room in a small area that’s still easily secluded when needed. Painting the room’s surfaces the same color as the door, walls, and bookshelves framing it means the area blends seamlessly–even with the door open.

Opt for Academic Hues

study room ideas

This cozy study corner needed to fulfill a few purposes, including hosting the homeowner’s colleagues for work retreats, as well as family and friends throughout the year. “We utilized every nook of this transitional-style home to create spots that made perfect sense for comfortably settling in with a laptop or with a book or journal,” Kuo shares.

Take this spot, for instance, which includes an academic-looking green velvet lounge chair that feels equally professional and relaxing.


Incorporate Leather Elements

study room ideas

There are plenty of fabrics you can consider to cozy up your study room, but leather is always foolproof. “Because of its soft yet structured qualities, leather can be both chic and cozy,” interior designer Shannon Crain says. “I selected leather armchairs and a leather desk to anchor this handsome study.” Mission accomplished.


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