Feeling like you just can’t come to terms with your tiny bathroom? A little order will save everything! Learn +10 small bathroom storage & organization ideas to create the tiny bathroom design of your dreams!

Hang Shelves in the Window

a bathroom with a toilet and a sink

Create space for everyday essentials — think hair products and toiletries — by mounting shelves in the window. Just keep in mind, certain skincare (like vitamin C serum) shouldn’t be stored in bright light.

Rely on Decorative Bins

a bathroom with a shelf and a basket with plants on it

Fill pretty bins with frequently used items, like cleaning products, washcloths or skincare. Take note from Karen Nepacena from Destination Eichler and set them on floating shelves, so everything you need is within reach.

Bring in a Small Bench

moody green bathroom with bench

If you’ve got a few inches of spare floor space, a wooden bench can serve as an additional surface for storing towels and decor. For families with small children, it’ll be a functional step stool to reach the sink, too.

Make Space for a Small Organizer

a bathroom with a toilet and bathtub

A small space (maybe 18 inches) between the toilet and shower is all you need to squeeze in a three-tier storage caddy. Fit in towels and spare shower essentials.

Categorize the Bathroom Closet

bathroom closet organization

Maximize closet space by categorizing, labeling and organizing everything you own. Use large baskets for extra linens, clear bins for toiletries and color-coordinated hampers to make laundry day a breeze.

Mount Acrylic Shelving

glass shelves in bathroom

Here, Outline Interiors adds functional storage in an awkward alcove by hanging acrylic shelves. Clear shelves (glass or acrylic) are great for small spaces, since they look clean, light and nearly invisible.

Stow Away Essentials in Wicker Bins

a bathroom with a large mirror

Not only do wicker bins add texture and warmth to any interior (as Bethany Adams Interiors demonstrates here), but they can easily hide clutter. Imagine hot tools, spare toilet paper rolls and personal care items you’d like accessible but not visible.



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