These DIY indoor gardening planters are going to keep your houseplants looking great. Some are made from new materials and others recycle containers that can be used as planters.

Faux Leather Rolling Planter

A leather planter

An ordinary pot is transformed into this modern DIY planter. The pot is wrapped with faux leather fabric and wheels are added to make the whole thing mobile. This is a no-sew project but you’ll need to get out the stapler gun. This planter would make quite a statement in your home.


Poured Paint Planter

A blue drip planter

This DIY planter project uses a poured paint technique to create this stunning effect that looks like different colors of blue paint dripping down the planter. You could use any colors you want to get this same effect. This project is an excellent way to learn the basics of paint pouring.


Herb Planter Cutting Board

A cutting board turned into a planter

Keep herbs closer than ever before with this DIY planter project. The project has you make a cutting board and drill the circles where the pots drop into. Here terra cotta pots have been painted white before being added to the planter. This would also make a wonderful housewarming gift.


Concrete Planters

Gold concrete planters

Working with concrete is pretty simple; even beginners usually have good luck working with it. Here planters have been made of concrete, with disposable gardening center pots being the mold. Paint is then added to the concrete planter for a special touch. Here gold paint has been added and it really makes these planters pop.

PVC & Spray Paint

Hard to believe these granite look indoor plant pots are a DIY planter project made from PVC pipe and spray paint! They look so real! Check out how to make these easy pots over at ‘Almost Makes Perfect’.

Geometric Pots From Wood

These geometric style pots are made with dollar store glass vases and foam dowels from the craft store. Awesome idea, right? Check out all the how-to’s at ‘Lone Fox’.

Marbled Concrete Plant Pots

These modern concrete plant pots from ‘Apartment Therapy’ are made using cement and recycled food containers. These are so fresh and fun! (To make, and to look at!)

TIin Can Pot Ideas

These DIY recycled plant pots are ‘By Duhn’. You will need Google Translate if you want to read the instructions, but the step by step photos do the job just fine. Great way to upcycle coffee cans! Love the leather twine and wood block detail too.


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