The kitchen is arguably the most important space in the house. It’s where you prepare your favorite meals, entertain your devoted family and share drinks with your closest friends. For these reasons, it’s crucial to design a space that feels trendy, stylish and reflective of your personality. In this article you’ll find beautiful ideas inspired by current trends.

Incorporate Simple Stripes

kitchen designed by alison giese interiors and unique kitchens and baths

Whether with wallpaper or wood paneling, classic stripe walls are a great way to make a room feel spacious. Here, Alison Giese Interiors and Unique Kitchens and Baths teamed up to craft a soothing, country kitchen.

Add a Built-in Ladder

kitchen ideas kitchen ladder

Not only does this rustic ladder add style to a sunny kitchen, it mosts the most of the high ceilings. Now, homeowner Laura Skudder can reach her top shelves and access infrequently used kitchen appliances.

Go for Deep Blue Paint

kitchen colors navy

Paint trim, walls and cabinetry a moody hue, like a rich blue. Interior designer Kelsey McGregor elevates the look with gold hardware and a boho runner rug.

Install Glass Cabinet Doors

kitchen ideas green kitchen with storage cabinets

To contrast the green lower cabinets, home builders Forge & Bow go for white upper cabinets. The glass doors act as extra storage while putting a gorgeous glassware collection on display.

Try Sea Green Cabinetry

kitchen ideas blue cabinets

In 2023, interior designer Emily Henderson is loving blue and green kitchens — especially when paired with natural woods and hardware.

Ditch Upper Cabinets

kitchen trends 2023 minimal upper cabients

Make a small space feel larger by ditching the upper cabinets. Instead go for large windows, just as Ellen Hatton of BarnesVanze Architects does in this neutral kitchen.


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