Lanterns are one of the most versatile home accessories with so many uses for them both in and out! And with the wide range of lantern styles to choose from, you can find ones that work with your home’s style whether modern, farmhouse, or classic.

Here are 10 ways to use versatile and cost-effective lanterns to decorate your home.

Line Your Front Steps 

Different sized lanterns lined up along an exterior staircase - gorgeous

What better way to create an inviting entry into your home than lining the stairs leading up to it with lanterns. You could do this as an everyday look or just for special events/parties. I love the look of an eclectic assortment of lanterns in different shapes and sizes as was used in this beach home.

Fill Your Lanterns With Seasonal Goodies

A trio of lanterns filled with pumpkins for fall decor on our front steps

Filling outdoor lanterns with seasonal goodies is one of my favorite lantern decor ideas. For Halloween & fall, I’ve filled mine with baby boo mini white pumpkins for a fun and festive look

Place Lanterns on a Coffee Table or Console

Love this lantern decor idea of using it to decorate a coffee table

If you’ve got a bare coffee table, lanterns can be the perfect thing to pretty it up! You can use a single lantern such as {this brushed brass lantern} surrounded by other accessories on your living room coffee table.

Another lantern decor idea is to elevate one of your lanterns on a pair of books or decorative box so that they’re staggered in height for a more stylish look.

Lanterns as Cozy Living Room Accessories

Variety of lanterns in cozy urban living room

There’s just something magical about candlelight, particularly during the fall months. And adding indoor lanterns to your living room design is the perfect way to cozy up the space for the season ahead. Smaller lanterns can add an ambient glow on a sofa table, while larger lanterns can anchor the room when set in a corner or at the foot of a chair or side table.

Lanterns as Eye-Catching Decor

Large lanterns on living room floor

There’s no shame in pure aesthetics. Even if you’re not looking for a lighting solution, indoor lanterns can serve as an interesting and eye-catching design element in your home. This is particularly true of extra-large or oversized lanterns, which are perfect in the corners of a room, nestled to the side of a fireplace or placed next to a bathroom vanity.

Lanterns On Windowsills

Lanterns glowing on windowsill with snowy view

Candlelight often evokes a feeling of hearth and home – and has done so for centuries. During colonial times, a burning candle in a window was a welcoming beacon to friends, family and even strangers. And while you’re likely not looking to send an open invitation to strangers, a lantern on a windowsill will still give your home a warm, welcoming glow.


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