While many people only think to decorate their front doors come fall or Christmas, for those who like to create a sense of occasion there are plenty of ways to add simple and affordable embellishments to your front door that will work in any season. Front doors come in many styles and your front door decor should complement the look and feel of your home. Check out these warm and welcoming ideas in a range of styles that will brighten your doorstep all year long.

Add a Pineapple Doorknocker

front door decor ideas

Pineapples have a long history as a symbol of welcome and hospitality. A Beautiful Mess added a brass pineapple doorknocker to the vibrant pink front door of this white-painted brick home to give it an approachable feel, then lined the steps with modern planters filled with prickly cacti.


Hang Some Art

front door decor ideas

A framed print hangs casually from the outdoor light outside this rustic chic cabin front door from Leanne Ford Interiors, adding warmth and personality to the all-white space.


Add a Rustic Bell

front door decor

This rustic weathered metal bell with a row of birds looks better as it ages, adding a nature-inspired note to this colorful Swedish country house front door from Fantastic Frank.


Greet Your Guests

front door decor

Most Lovely Things added a laid-back greeting for guests on the glass pane of this cheerful front door entrance by writing a simple “hello” on the glass with a water-based paint pen.

Glittering Leaf Garland

Red front porch with variety of plants and pumpkins

Fall doesn’t have to mean red and orange. Here, muted shades of cream and gray add a touch of sophistication to this fall front porch. Pile pumpkins, lanterns, and potted fall mums along the steps to create a welcoming front entry.


Sunflower Hanging Vase

Hanging metal flower container on front door

Let a vase of fall flowers do the decorative heavy lifting. Pack “Teddy Bear” sunflowers with rose hips and maple leaves in a watertight, galvanized vase. Then, hang it from your front door, replacing the water and foliage as needed. Or, for a no-fuss fall wreath, create this design using faux flowers.


Tin Basin Container Garden

Outdoor fall décor with plants and corn

Show off your gardening prowess with a tin basin overflowing with fall finds. Set next to your door, it invites color and conversation. To make this arrangement, place pots of croton shrubs in the basin’s center. Surround the front with droopy dried wheat, and fill the back with tall grasses. Lay dried Indian corn beside the display.


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