The best playroom ideas tick a number of design boxes – first and foremost they should inspire creative little minds and encourage curiosity and play, whilst also being entirely functional, easy to keep clutter-free, and ideally fit the broader design tastes of the adults in the home.

Below we look at 21 playroom ideas, with colour inspiration, the best children’s furniture and accessories, and some imaginative paint projects and wall murals.

A bit of character

playroom ideas

It’s not a given that playrooms have to be all primary colours and garish bits of plastic. You can create something bright and welcoming with more sophisticated materials – sisal, rattan and wood – as well as softer colours with lots of white undertones like mint, buttercup yellow or the palest sky blue.


playroom ideas

As most parents will attest, organisation is key in a playroom. Invest in lots of internal storage that can be pulled out easily so your shelves don’t end up in disarray. Soft baskets and canvas bags are great options, especially if your little ones have access to them.

Opt for Function and Form

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Your playroom is by far the most fun room in your house (that’s literally what it’s for, right?), but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful too. If you have to relegate your kid’s toys to a wall in a shared common space, opt for furniture that can double as storage, like this neutral high chair. Pared-down pieces that can blend easily with the rest of your decor work best in shared spaces.

Go Bold With Color

Kids playroom with neon colors

If you love bright neons but haven’t really experimented with bold colors throughout your house, a playroom is a great place to start. Try weaving in some of those attention-grabbing colors you stray from elsewhere in your home.

Add Some Indoor Swings

play room ideas

What’s better than going to the park? Swinging in your own playroom, rain or shine. If you have the space, we love the idea of adding a few swings or an indoor bubble chair to your playroom to give it a bit more personality and take it to the next level.

Create an Art Space

play room ideas

Inspire your child’s creative side by setting up their own art studio. Gather all of the must-have supplies and create bins for easy access to markers, crayons, and paper. Focus on easy-to-clean storage like plastic bins, set up a table and chairs, and voila—instant artist’s studio.

Playful paint

playroom ideas

A playroom is the perfect spot to indulge in a bit of design whimsy, and you can be as over the top as you like, safe in the knowledge that playrooms do after all, hold a temporary spot in your home. If you are a stickler for plain walls, or particularly averse to wallpaper, consider the ceiling as an alternative canvas.


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