If you want to create a cozy oasis at home, Scandinavian home decor is the perfect inspiration. Warm, inviting, and comforting, Scandinavian design is sleek and modern, but with a welcoming vibe that works in any home. With a strong focus on textures and light, airy hues, Scandinavian decor is perfect for lightening up any living space no matter the size.

Here are some of our favorite Scandinavian-inspired living rooms.

Keep Things Light and Airy

minimalist home

There is no single rule to following Scandinavian design, but many Scandi homes focus on a neutral color palette. The crisp white palette in this living space is clean and simple, but the textures in the room keep it from feeling stark or clinical.

Focus on cool shades of white to keep your home feeling open and airy. Pair white with natural wood finishes to add a bit of warmth without darkening your room.


Focus on Just the Must-Haves

scandi farmhouse living room

This tan and brown living room is a perfect example of a Scandinavian living room that experiments with color but still feels straight out of a Danish home decor magazine.

The signature Scandinavian look is stripped back and concentrates just on what is needed and nothing that isn’t. Keep things simple and elegant, with minimal art and decor.


Mix Types of Wood

scandi living room with modern touches

Most Scandinavian homes utilize lots of natural wood materials as seen in this living space. While most homes will focus on lighter, washed-out woods, don’t be afraid to play with different shades of wood, even white or gray painted surfaces.

White on White

white scandi living room

White rug, white walls, white furniture⁠—blogger Esther Schmidt nails the monochromatic color palette while maintaining depth with a gallery wall and dark wood accents. The clean, crisp white makes the room feel spacious, as well as the strategically minimal amount of dećor.


Pops of Color

scandi living room with pink couch and orange accent chair

Krystal from the Instagram account House of Harvee knows how to bring pops of color into a Scandinavian space. While the white walls, woven light fixture, and marble coffee table also establish a neutral base, the blush pink sofa and burnt orange accent chair bring a fresh dose of color to the scene. The clean lines made by the boxy couch, along with the artwork hanging on the wall behind it, still radiate a sleek and curated look—there is no compromise necessary here.


Cozy Corner

scandi boho living room

This comfy hygge space by Herzen Stimme is an absolute dream. The large sectional nestled against the wall boasts decorative throw pillows of various styles and textures. The beige and white color scheme is soothing, with thin curtains allowing for natural light to effortlessly pour in. Glance around the room and you’ll notice rounded lines in the dećor and lighting, creating a softer feel in contrast to the sharp lines in the couch, table, and walls.

Add intrigue with curved homeware

scandi living room

Sculptural design plays a large part in modern Scandinavian design, particularly curved silhouettes. Adding homeware to your interior with interesting (but understated) outlines helps to draw the eye without shouting for attention. We especially like this curved magazine rack.

Use a textured lampshade to grab attention

scandi living room idea cane living room

Natural textures and ample lighting are key to adding a cosy appeal to your home. Use natural materials, such as cane and rattan, to add a tactile quality to your interior. A lampshade is an easy way to achieve this, serving both a functional and decorative purpose.

Refresh your walls with abstract art

scandi living room idea navy and pink art print

Abstract prints are the perfect fit for Scandi-inspired homes, thanks to their loose, laid-back nature. Stick to subtle colours and bold shapes – the combination creates a pared-back but interesting look.

Corner Fireplace

scandi living room with corner fireplace

This gorgeous living room designed by Liljencrantz Design shows a prominent feature common in Scandinavian design—a corner fireplace. The unique placement causes seating to be adjusted accordingly and moves the focus from the center of the room. The walls only hold a minimal amount of artwork, but the geometric table and white plush chair prove that less doesn’t equal boring.


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